Platinum Capital

About Us

Platinum Capital Ltd is a specialist in Financial Instruments and the trading of physical commodities. We are a global organisation; asset backed and operate from the source to supply a range of commodities from oil and gas through to gold and diamonds.

Having our head office in Hong Kong and affiliate offices around the world, we are ideally placed to capitalise on the commodity markets and to source and supply products to and from China’s mainland as well as transact with other naturally resource rich continents. Since our inception we have grown exponentially and our target of becoming one of the major commodity trading power houses is well on target for the end of 2020.

Why us?

Why Platinum Capital

Platinum Capital’s expertise rests with the directors and employees of the company who have a wealth of experience in financial products and commodity trading.

With the directors combined experience in the commodity sector and extensive travel worldwide, the company has direct access to producers, suppliers and buyers where the company can manage transactions on behalf of both seller and buyer providing the necessary professional advice where needed.


Trading Risk Management

Managing risk is an important factor in all aspects of business, particularly when trading physical commodities.

Platinum Capital not only sources and supplies products but we will work closely with manging the transaction on a step by step basis from initial contact, through negotiation of price and contract terms, to ensuring that all relevant documentation is completed and where necessary advise on any letter of credit or financial instrument that may be required.

Having successfully delivered on multiple contracts across continents, we are well averse to the difficulties that can develop when dealing with different cultures. We work with our clients on an individual basis to ensure all risk is minimised.



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